Over 10,000 Automotive Sales People Hired!

Experience.  Tony Pate and AMP Strategies have been hiring quality automotive sales professionals for over 30 years.   Auto Salespeople who succeed and stay in your dealership for years.  That’s why AMP Strategies will perform multiple auto sales recruiting campaigns during a calendar year for auto dealer clients.

The AMP Strategies Approach is simple.  We find and choose the RIGHT candidates to interview.  We evaluate the candidates.  We then put them through a Car Selling Training Session to find out who wants to “crush it” selling cars, not just “make a living”.  We want your dealership to hire the TOP auto salespeople in your area.  Then we hand them over to you to interview, hire, and onboard.  We save you dozens of man-hours and allow you to do your job.  THIS IS ALL WE DO.  HIRE THE THE BEST AUTO SALES PROFESSIONALS in the US.  


Simply put.  We walk qualified candidates into your dealership offices and you say yes or no.  That easy! YES, that easy!

–         We do all the recruiting.  Dealers shut off any job ad campaigns for salespeople.  AMP saves you money.

–         We do the initial interviewing via phone and schedule the first in-person interview at your dealership.  AMP saves you time and money.

–         We then interview the candidates at your dealership and spend a couple of hours training them on the car sales process. AMP saves you time and money.

–         We then pass the best of the best on to you for that final interview. AMP makes you money!

When you hire AMP Strategies within 2 weeks we will land you anywhere from 10-20 new car sales hires depending on your needs.  Simple, fast, and AMP save you time and money!